Girls' Division


Girls' Division

  • 2016-2017 Season

Non League Schedule

The 2017-2018 schedule will not be posted until all dates, including all age group information, for all National Qualifiers have been posted publicly on their respective websites. This will help to insure that we provide the best schedule possible and avoid confusion from date changes for our league dates.

Thank you!


Site Rules

If you have any questions regarding the site that your team has been assigned to, do not contact the school/site directly. Inundating sites with phone calls about tournaments strains our relationships with the facility and may cause the site to stop hosting tournaments. If you have a question about a school/site, you need to email [email protected]

The site rules for ALL NCVA facilities are:

  • NO ALCOHOL is permitted on the premises of any facility – This includes the parking lot, quads/grass areas, gym, etc.
  • No outside food or beverages inside the facility. Water will be allowed when carried individually, not in a cooler.
  • No ice chests, coolers, soft sided coolers, small coolers or large coolers will be allowed inside.
  • No broken folding chairs, tents, trash left outside the gym or parking lots.
  • Security Guards will be present at all convention centers to enforce site rules
  • Devices, of any kind, that heat food that require them to be plugged in and/or use a flame, of any kind, are not permitted on the premises of any facility.

Penalties for violating these rules are:

  • Tournament Director will impose 13 Point Penalty. The 13 Point Penalty means that in the team’s next set, the score will begin at 0-13, with 13 points automatically awarded to the opposing team.
  • Receive $200 fine from the NCVA.
  • Receive last place finish and points, if applicable.
  • Teams may be asked to leave the tournament.

All Sites: The NCVA would like to remind you to make sure you always lock your cars, keep your expensive items out of plain view and keep your personal items within your sight at each facility at all times.

Additional rules by site can be found on our Site Rules page