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Reservations for the 2017-2018 Season will open as follows:

BOYS – August 21, 2017

GIRLS – November 20, 2017

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Year after year, we work diligently with our preferred hotels to bring you the most up to date information on every hotel with NCVA room blocks. Our goal is to make hotel reservations for your leagues and tournaments as easy as possible with both online booking and dedicated live help via phone, when needed.

When using Convention Center type venues, we are required to prove the hotel nights used by the attendees of these events in each of the cities. The more room nights you can prove, the higher rank you are in reserving the facility. If you cannot provide a certain number of room nights, some weekends that are highly sought after will be unavxailable to NCVA Tournaments and Leagues. This task of proving room nights booked is why so many of the Regions, Qualifiers and National Events are going with Stay to Play.

We understand that you may be able to find cheaper rooms on third party hotel sites. However, there are usually only 2-5 rooms available at the super low rates quoted by 3rd party online sellers, and the rates are not always available to groups. They normally don’t include the ‘extras’ that we work so hard to get for our NCVA teams. Usually you must prepay the room in full at the time of booking with a “no refunds” policy.

Please help us give you what you want – No Stay to Play – by booking in our NCVA blocks for the events, so we can prove to the convention centers the impact of our teams playing in their city. It is in your hands, the only other alternative is to go to Stay to Play, which is something the Convention Centers, Hotels and USA Volleyball (for the Far Western National Qualifier) are steadily pursuing.

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To receive information regarding the 2017-2018 NCVA Season, please sign up below! Thank you!

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*Need to cancel your block of rooms? There may be teams still looking for rooms and would really appreciate the opportunity to utilize your unused rooms. Please email [email protected] Thank you in advance.

*Missed the cut-off date to book at the NCVA rate? Some hotels are able to extend the group rate, but not always.

*Don’t see a hotel on the list that you prefer? We would be happy to make contact to secure the best rate for you!

If you need further assistance, our in-house Housing Director, Kylie Woodruff, would be happy to help. [email protected]

*Please note that each club/team must submit the following form after reservations are made in order to be marked as accepted into a tournament. This required form must be completed online, please click the link below “Required Hotel Form”.

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