Stay to Play

Tournament Housing

Stay to Play

Tournament Housing


New this season, both NCVA Girls’ National Qualifiers will be Stay to Play Events. Stay to Play means all non-local teams attending the tournament are required to book reservations through the NCVA Hotel Portal and stay at NCVA hotel blocks.

We hope this change will increase the likelihood of teams staying together in the same hotel to help player morale. Going Stay to Play also helps us by securing better rates with hotels, acquiring new hotels, and providing more non-casino/non-smoking hotels.

What is the Policy?

Local Teams will be eligible for exemption of STP requirements.

  • Local Teams are defined as having their registered team/club address within a 25-mile radius of the tournament venue.
  • Distance is determined by the shortest trip from club address listed in Webpoint to playing venue, as reported by Google Maps.

To book a block of rooms within the NCVA STP block, they must first register and pay for the event they wish to attend.

To be accepted into a tournament, a team must meet a minimum amount of room nights in an approved NCVA hotel.

  • For a 3-day tournament, a team must fulfil a minimum of 18 room nights.
    • 1 room night is equal to 1 room for 1 night, so 18 room nights would be equal to 6 rooms for 3 nights.

What Tournament Does this Apply to?

Golden State National Qualifier

Far Western National Qualifier

Are you exempt?

If you feel that your team should be exempt from the Stay to Play policy, please see the guidelines below and submit your request. Please note that even if your reason for the request is not listed under the guidelines, you may still submit a request for review.

After submission, your Exemption Request will be reviewed by our staff. A decision will be made within 7 business days. Please be sure all information on the form is as accurate as possible.

Guidelines for Exemption

  • Teams that live within 25 miles of the assigned playing venue.
    • Distance will be verified by shortest route, determined by Google Maps.
    • Addresses must be a registered club address, or team practice facility.
  • Teams that have a player whose family owns a second home, RV, owned vacation home, or timeshare (excludes VRBO, Airbnb, etc.) within 25 mile radius of the assigned playing venue.
    • Proof of ownership may be requested.
    • Distance will be verified by shortest route, determined by Google Maps.
  • Using Hotel reward points for a free room.
    • If you have enough points to redeem a free room for the entire stay, you are eligible for an exemption.
  • Lower rate available with a Government or Military discount.
    • If you are able to get a lower rate with a Military or Government discount, you are eligible for an exemption. Please complete the exemption request to receive more info.

Exemption Request Form

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