Youth League

Youth League

Girls & Boys

The 2020-2021 Youth League Season is currently TBA. Once the season is confirmed, updates will be made to the schedule. Please continue to monitor for updates.


Youth League is designed to introduce players to club volleyball. The league cost is $120 per player. This fee covers all 4 league events and their NCVA membership during the league period.

Youth League offers both Boys’ and Girls’ Divisions.

Divisions are based on school years (i.e. 5th/6th or 7th/8th) rather than a strict age definition (12s, 13s, 14s) in order to make it easier to introduce new players to volleyball.

Unable to field a team for either division? We offer gender waivers. For example: Your club has open registrations/tryouts and is able to field a girls’ 5th/6th team but you have one boy that would also like to play. We will offer a waiver for that boy to participate on the girls’ team. The goal of Youth League is to encourage participation in the sport, we will do everything we can to make it possible for each and every player to play.

Have a question about Youth League? Please email [email protected]

ALL Youth League tournaments: All Teams arrive no later than: 8:00 AM; First Serve: 9:00 AM

ALL teams must have a coach present at the Coaches’ meeting at 8:30 AM. Failure to attend will result in a team sanction.

Fall 2019:3rd / 4th Grades5th / 6th Grades7th / 8th Grades9th Grade
League # 1October 13October 13October 13October 13
League # 2October 27October 27October 27October 27
League # 3November 17November 17November 17November 17
League # 4December 1December 1December 1December 1


Spring 2020: 3rd / 4th Grades5th / 6th Grades7th / 8th Grades9th Grade
League # 1January 26
Site: SportsHouse
January 26
Site: SportsHouse
January 26
Site: SportsHouse
January 26
Site: SportsHouse
League # 2February 23
Combined with 5/6th
February 23
Site Listing
February 23
Site Listing
February 23
League # 3March 22March 22March 22March 22
League # 4April 26 April 26 April 26 April 26

Age Divisions Offered

3rd – 4th Girls

3rd – 4th Boys

5th – 6th Girls

5th – 6th Boys

7th – 8th Girls

7th – 8th Boys

9th Girls

9th Boys


  • For the first serve of the match, player must start behind the end line
  • If the player is unable to make their serve over the net on the first attempt:
    • Player may re-serve
    • Player is allowed to take a step into the court.
    • If a player takes a step in and makes the serve over the net, then the player must take a step backward at their next serve attempt.
  • If a player can jump serve, they may not step in or re-serve.
  • If a player serves over the net and it goes out, they may not step in or re-serve.
  • If the served ball becomes in play, regardless of the result, no re-serve is allowed.

3rd – 6th Grade Players

  • This division uses timed matches
    • 35 minutes each match, switching sides after 15 minutes.
    • Officiating team should start score over at 15 minute switch.
    • Team with the most points at switch and/or end wins the set. No score limit within these 15 minutes.
    • The result is recorded by sets, not matches.
    • All final pool results are done by set percentage.
    • Warm-up time is not included in the 35 minute match.
  • A limit of 3 serves in a row, then side-out, without awarding a point.

7th – 9th grade players

  • This division has a two (2) set cap.
  • There is not a point cap for this age group, teams must win by two (2) points.
  • The result is recorded by sets, not matches.
  • All results are done by set percentage.
  • A limit of 6 serves in a row, then side-out, without awarding a point.

Additional Information

  • At each event there will the following breaks:
    • 3 Team Pools: 20 minute break between the second and third matches of the tournament.
    • 4 Team Pools: 20 minute break between the third and fourth matches of the tournament.
  • Uniform requirements are relaxed. Players should have matching shirts with a number on at least one side of the shirt.
  • Each Youth League tournament starts at 9:00 AM and is scheduled to end by 3:00 PM.
  • There are two TDs assigned to each Youth League tournament. This allows one to take care of the TD work and the other to work as a court monitor helping with scorekeeping and officiating duties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many tournaments are included in the league fee?

A: There are four (4) tournaments in Fall and four (4) tournaments in Spring

Q: Where are the tournament locations?
A: Tournaments are held within 90 minutes of the teams competing in that area’s league. NCVA will offer 5 league areas: Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno, Reno and Central Valley

Q: What are the uniform requirements?

  • Players need to be in matching outfits (as far as color). Numbers on one side (front or back) are required – recommend both front and back
  • Does not have to be expensive jerseys – teams may use simple white shirts with numbers drawn on the white shirts.
  • Shorts/Shirts do not have to be the exact same – players may wear black shorts that are all different brands.

Q: Are the tournaments setup like league tournaments where teams and coaches will have to ref, keep score, and do lines?
A: Yes, teams are responsible for officiating duties. We have a second tournament director to help coaches and teams while performing these duties.

Q: How are the age group defined?
A: Divisions are broken up by school grades rather than standard USAV Age Definitions.

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