Find a Club

Interested in getting involved in club volleyball?

You have come to the right place! We recommend starting by looking at the following tryout and clinic pages. Here we list all clubs’ tryouts (that request to be posted). This site will list the club name, area they practice in, dates, times, etc.


The NCVA hosts tryout notices for any NCVA affiliated club. Tryout notices are a good place to look for clubs in your area.

Skills Clinics

The NCVA hosts skills clinics notices for any NCVA affiliated club. Clinics are a great way to improve an athlete's skills.

Looking for an opportunity to Coach?

The NCVA hosts Classified Ads where Clubs advertise their coaching needs.

Club Search

If you have not been able to locate a club, we can help! Please fill out the following information and the NCVA can help provide the names and contact information of volleyball clubs in your area.

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