Girls' Far Western National Qualifier

THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Championship Combines, in partnership with the NCVA, is proud to present the 2021 Far Westerns Recruiting Combine 

  • April 22, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center
  • 15 College Programs already confirmed – NCAA Division II, NAIA and Junior Colleges!!!!
  • This is a College Coach Attended and Video Recorded Combine!
  • Video and Player Information Packet sent to EVERY NCAA Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA, and Junior College program in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

To Register – CLICK HERE!

Question? or [email protected]

Updated: April 16, 2021 10:00 AM PST

2021 No Dinx/NCVA Girls Far Western National Qualifier

Masks must be worn properly at all times – coaches, staff, players, spectators, siblings age 2 and up, and officials.

WEEK 1: APRIL 17-18-19  WEEK 2: APRIL 23-24-25
11 National1AM15 Open3AM
12 American1PM15 USA3PM
12 National1PM16 American1PM
13 American1PM16 Open3AM
13 Open2AM17 American1PM
13 USA2AM17 Open3AM
14 American1PM17 USA3AM
14 Open2AM18 SelectN/AAM
15 American1AM

Thursday, April 22, 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Tournament Desk in the Main Lobby of the Convention Center

  • Team Check-In:
    • Please check in online in TM2Sign.
    • One person per team is allowed to approach the Tournament Desk to pick up the team bag during the hours above.
  • Guest Registration: 
    • Pick up your wristbands early by stopping by tomorrow during the hours above to avoid any delays getting in on Friday! 
    • Please make sure to have your COVID-19 test results, proof of vaccination, or doctor’s release at check-in as we have disabled the online form submission process. 


  • CHAIRS: the convention center will have chairs set up, no need to bring your own. 
  • FOOD: Please click the Sponsors tab for discounts to nearby restaurants!! There will be Grab-n-Go options at the Main Food Court within the convention center. Please keep your coolers in the vehicle, as there is no ‘camping’ out front or inside like years prior. 
  • TABLES: there are tables in front of the main entrance of the convention center. These tables are NOT to be claimed by any team/club. You may bring your coolers to the table for your team, then take your coolers back to the vehicles when done with your break. Again, NO claiming tables, please. 


  • NO DINX MERCH: Click the following link to check out the Official Tournament Gear! Due to COVID protocols, the No Dinx booth will not be on-site. All sales are online:
  • MICHEAL HALL PHOTOGRAPHY: Sign up for amazing pictures you will cherish for a lifetime! Click Here – You can also stop by the booth located in the vendor hall (see below for directions)
  • BOSTON MARKET: Check out the awesome deals below!
  • LUCKY BEAVER BAR & GRILL – Must be 21 and over for inside dining. Limited outside dining OK for 21 and under.  Please drop by the Tournament Desk for to-go menus and appetizer discounts. Welcome to Reno and Good Luck Teams!


  • Make sure to stop by the vendor booths located in the concourse area to the right of the main entrance. 


What are your plans for team meals during the NCVA Far Western ’21 Tournament? With Covid-19, it can be difficult to arrange for large groups to eat together and get a healthy meal. That’s where Boston Market comes in, with our commitment to provide healthy options.  The Food News Media named us among the winners of its inaugural HALO (Healthy Active Lifestyle) award for making significant strides in health and nutrition. 

Let Boston Market take the stress off your parent’s plates by arranging “INDIVIDUALLY PLATED MEALS” delivered to the venue or “FAMILY MEALS” to the hotel for dinner with our hassle-free on-site delivery.

  • Hot Individual Plate choice of one protein and two sides w/cornbread
    • 1/4 Rotisserie Chicken, 5 oz. Meatloaf, 5 oz. Roasted Turkey
  • Sandwich Boxed Lunch choice of Caesar, House side salad or potato chips & cookie.
    • Half or Whole Chicken Carver, Turkey Carver, All-White Rotisserie Chicken Salad, or Vegetarian Roasted Zucchini & Tomato.
  • Salads Entrée w/ Rotisserie Chicken or Roasted Turkey Breast
    • Choice of, Caesar, SW Cobb, or House Salad. Brownie or Cookie
  • Homemade Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie with and cornbread.

Place your order online directly
or contact Marjorie Perez to help with your order. Ph. 408-309-1016

Take $25 off your catering order(s) of 150 or more…
Use Promo Code APRIL25OFF  
(pick up or delivery on or before 4/31/2021)

Join the BostonMarket Rotisserie Rewards program to earn points toward $10 off, $20 off, and event $25 Amazon Gift codes. Visit to sign up before placing your next order.  

Updated: April 19, 2021 2:30 PM PST

The following information pertains to ALL attendees – Coaches, Players, Staff, Spectators
Masks must be worn properly at all times – coaches, staff, players, spectators, siblings age 2 and up, and officials.

  • A PCR test or Rapid Antigen test must be completed prior to arrival for the event.
  • All attendees must provide their negative COVID-19 Test Results or Proof of Vaccination on-site before entry and participation.
  • Results or proof of vaccination must be provided at check-in, for both teams and guest registration. 
    • We will NOT be using the online form to collect information ahead of time. If you have already submitted your information via the form, you will still need to provide your information on-site.
    • A paper copy or digital form of the information will be accepted.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days, you do not need to test again, you must submit a doctor’s release/letter via the Results Form below. 
  • If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to provide a negative COVID test result.
    • You must be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of your attendance.
    • Being fully vaccinated means that it has been two (2) weeks since completing one of the following vaccine regimens:
      • The one-dose vaccine (i.e. Johnson & Johnson)
      • The two-dose vaccine. (i.e. Moderna or Pfizer)
        • It must be 2 weeks from your 2nd dose vaccine to comply.
    • Please provide your proof of vaccination at check-in (Team or Guest Registration)
  • There will be NO on-site testing available for either weekend of Far Westerns. 
  • WEEK 2: Your test must be administered Sunday 4/18, Monday 4/19, Tuesday 4/20, or Wednesday 4/21.
      • Tests administered by GreenMCMeds on Saturday 4/17 will be accepted, please make sure to upload your results on our form below, this is an updated protocol.
  • Questions?
    • All questions are to be directed to NCVA at [email protected]
    • You may reach out to GreenMCMeds ONLY regarding your testing dates and results. 

Updated: April 22, 2021 11:30 AM PST

FW Rosters are OPEN until 9:00 PM, Thursday, April 22.

Here are the steps to validate your roster in rosters on TM2:
If you complete these following steps and it is still flagging players/coaches, it is because they are missing a requirement in SportsEngine like SafeSport, Waivers, Background, etc. There are some rare cases where you have everything, and it still flags them. That is an SE internal system issue at that point.

  • Confirm that all your players/coaches on your roster are assigned to your club on SportsEngine. You do this by searching them up in your “directory” and clicking on their name, clicking “memberships,” where you will see your club name on that screen. If you do not see your club name, you will have to send them a club assignment request.
  • Once you confirm players/coaches are on your roster, go to TM2sign, go to your “members” tab, click on “import member,” and click the big green button.
  • Once the members are imported, start building your roster by searching up players/coaches’ names. If you already built your roster, please delete it
    and start fresh. There may be multiple accounts for each person that will populate; you’re going to want to choose the account that says “Has USAV
    Membership” in green.
  • Once you have your rosters built, click on validate, and the system should validate your roster. 

Here are the dates for next year, we look forward to seeing you!

April 23-24-25
April 29-30-May 1

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