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NCVA Memberships are valid from September 1 to August 31 on a yearly basis. The NCVA online system will reset every year on September 1. At this time, all NCVA memberships will need to be renewed. A full season membership for both adults and juniors is $70.00 per person, annually.

Anyone may register to be a member of the NCVA with no limits to age, sex. ethnicity, etc. All members must register and pay online with a credit/debit card. An NCVA Membership is not valid until information is entered, verified, and the NCVA Office receives payment. The NCVA also reserves the right to reject memberships to any individual. In such cases, any information received by the NCVA will be deleted.

When entering data online with the NCVA web site, all marked fields are required to be completed. At your discretion, you may enter the optional fields. It is highly recommended, even though it is not a required field, that you enter a phone number for the NCVA to contact you, should it be necessary. Once this is completed, you will be able to log in and update information as you wish, when it changes. Information from this site will be securely transferred to USA Volleyball throughout the season. You may view our privacy policy by selecting Bylaws/Privacy Policy under Info above.

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It is the policy of the Regional Volleyball Associations (RVAs) that any club/entity intending to hire or use registered individuals in any sanctioned junior volleyball events and/or activities (some examples of events or activities that can be sanctioned with regional approval are: tournaments, practices, clinics, tryouts, and fundraisers) will accept and abide by this background screening policy. The following individuals, 18 years of age or older, will be screened: Club directors, club administrators, team reps, coaches, chaperones, and trainers who intend to register, affiliate and/or participate with a junior volleyball club or team in a RVA.  Any official 18 or older who intends to work a junior sanctioned event will also be screened with the exception of a junior player.  Each RVA may also choose to require other members (such as Tournament Directors) of their organization to submit to and pass a background screen in order to affiliate with their organization.  Additionally, the club/entity will enforce the penalties resulting from a negative background screening report. Failure to do so is grounds for automatic suspension of membership privileges to participate in RVA/USA sanctioned junior events and/or activities. All disqualified individuals have the right to dispute the findings of the background screening directly with the RVA’s approved Background Screen Vendor.

The RVAs of USA will not register, or allow to be registered, any individual who refuses to consent to a background screen if he/she intends to affiliate and/or participate with a junior club or team in the RVA. Junior members are any members under the age of 18. A background screen will not be required for those individuals who will be classified only as junior players or those individuals not registered, affiliated and/or participating with a junior volleyball club or team in a RVA. For those regions that allow individuals under 18 to be an assistant coach, any individual who is not yet 18 years old and who is in a non-player role affiliated with a junior club must be background screened immediately upon reaching 18 years of age.  A 30-day grace period shall apply from the date of the 18th birthday in order to allow time for the background screening to be processed.  During the 30-day grace period, the same restrictions apply to the individual and should be enforced as are in place for junior coaches regarding supervision by a qualified adult.  It is the responsibility of the individual, club and region to identify the individuals in this situation and to meet the background screening requirement.  Upon the conclusion of the 30-day grace period, the individual may not participate in a non-player role affiliated with a junior club unless the background screening requirement is met.

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Club directors and team representatives (Adult Division league) can manage their players, teams and club information online. They may also register and pay for tournaments using the online registration system.

To learn how to start your own club, please visit the Start A Club page.

You can also access important information by reading our Handbooks. These are found under each division above. (Girls, Boys, Adults)

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