Registration FAQ

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Q: I can’t remember my login

A: We use a system called Webpoint. Please “Request a Login” in order to renew your child’s membership. It is one of the four options on the left hand side when you login to Webpoint. This will give you the information needed to login to your account and renew the membership. All information should be entered as it appears on the membership.



Q: It’s telling me my information is not found

A: If you know the member was registered last season, and are entering the correct login information, please note the system is case sensitive. If you continue to receive this error please “Request a Login” in order to login into your child’s membership.



Q:  Which Membership options do I choose?

A:  Although we have several membership options to choose from, we do suggest that you choose the full Junior Membership ($70.00). The Junior Membership covers all NCVA sanctioned tournaments (indoor and outdoor), clinics, tryouts, practices etc. We would also highly suggest asking your Club Director and/ or Coach, as this information should have been provided. Once you have registered online and paid, the registration process is complete.



Q:  Why can I not select a club when registering my child for tryouts?

A:  In order to attend tryouts a player is required to have a current membership, choosing the club affiliation is not necessary, so that option is no longer available. Remember this is a tryout, it is not guaranteed that your child will be selected to play for that club. Once your child is offered, and accepts an offer from a specific club, you will then be required to renew your child’s membership before your child participates at club practices and/or in an NCVA sanctioned event. Please note that a Tryout Pass Membership is strictly for tryouts, and is not transferable.



Q: It says that I need to register with USAV but you are NCVA?

A:  NCVA is one of the 40 RVA (Regional Volleyball Associations) of USA Volleyball, so essentially we’re the Northern California Chapter. If you register with us, you are registering with them! Click here to see why NCVA and USAV are the “Right Choice!” and to see the benefits gained when registering with NCVA / USA Volleyball.



Q:  How do I print my membership card?

A:  Select “Login.” Once you sign in, click on the “Print Membership Card” link on the left hand side, under “Member Area.” You will then see a “click here to print” link on the top right hand side.



Q: How do I change from Undecided to a club?

A:  If you are a male player, either a new or renewing player choosing a Junior Membership you will be asked to choose a club from the drop-down menu.  If you choose the wrong club, you will need to contact the NCVA in order to get it changed.
If you are a female player, choosing a Junior Membership, you will not be able to select your club affiliation before or during tryouts. Starting November 21, you will then be able to log back into your membership and choose your club affiliation. Once you login in, click on “Member Profile”, then click on “Member ID”, where you will see a list of clubs to choose from. You may still select “Undecided” as your club affiliation, until you are a member of a club. Please contact the NCVA if you need assistance, [email protected] or (415) 550-7582.


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