Insurance Information


USA Volleyball administers a medical and liability insurance program customized specifically for the sport of volleyball. It is designed to respond specifically to the inherent hazards of the sport. Offered as part of the sanctioning program, it is one of the most cost effective policies available.

Coverage is provided for officials, volunteers, coaches, trainers, sponsors and registered participants. All entities are covered with respect to activities sanctioned by USAV and Regional Volleyball Associations (NCVA). A ‘Sanctioned’ or ‘Approved’ event is an event that USA Volleyball and a Regional Association Commissioner has approved or sanctioned as a USA Volleyball Event. Events shall include, but may not be limited to, teams competition, practices, sports clinics or fundraisers conducted or attended as part of a sanctioned event.

For more detailed information, please review the Insurance Program Summary below.


All NCVA clubs can request insurance coverage for the site(s) that they use for practices and clinics. However, coverage is only valid for sanctioned events. All clinics/camps must be approved by NCVA before insurance coverage is valid. In addition to NCVA approval, all participants must be registered members in good standing with the NCVA. (This includes current background checks for non-player participants that are over 18 years of age.)

To request insurance coverage, the club needs to fill out the Insurance Certificate Request Form (see below). This form should be submitted in advance to allow for the 7-10 business day processing time needed.

NCVA provides insurance certificates free of charge.


All NCVA members are covered by the USA Volleyball insurance coverage. If you were injured at a sanctioned event (i.e. practice, clinic or tournament) you must submit an Incident Report Form (see below) to the tournament director or your club director. The Incident Report Form must be signed by the tournament director (if injury took place at a tournament) or by the coach/club director present at time of injury (if injury took place at practice or a clinic). Unsigned forms will be returned for signature. The Incident Report Form will be submitted by the tournament director or your club director to the NCVA.

If you required medical assistance and would like to seek insurance coverage, you must submit a Medical Claim Form (see below) to the NCVA. Once this form is received, you will be contacted by the insurance company with further instructions.

All forms must be submitted to NCVA via fax, email or mail. Please select Contact Us on the left side of this page for all current contact information.