Rules Clinics & Rules Changes

All coaches are responsible for knowing and understanding the current rules. Each coach is also responsible for being able to officiate competently and keep score during a match. If a tournament director observes at a League Tournament and notifies the NCVA office that a team needs to attend a rules clinic, that team will be required to schedule a private rules clinic.

NCVA offers the following clinic options.

  • Free Online Clinic
  • Private Rules Clinic, arranged by Club Director

We encourage everyone to take the clinic online.

Online Clinic

Players and Coaches may take the online clinic as a group (the entire club attends one session) or as an individual (each member completes the clinic online in their own).

To register:

  • Login to your SportsEngine account
  • Access ‘My SportsEngine’ and click on the ‘Household’ tab on the left hand menu
  • Select ‘View Profile’ under the players and/or coaches name. You will be taken to the ‘Profile Information’ page.
  • On the profile information page, a box will load titled ‘Norther California Volleyball Association’, click ‘View Details’ at the bottom of the box
  • On the membership page, select ‘USA Volleyball Academy’ (this button is on the top right of the screen)
  • Clicking the button will take you to another page, close out any pop-ups and select ‘Content Library’ on the left side of the screen
  • Complete the R2, Lines, and Scorekeeper courses

For any questions on how to access, please contact the NCVA at [email protected] or call (415) 550-7582.

Private Clinic

Any team or group of teams may also request a private rules clinic for a fee of $400. All rules clinics are conducted by a clinician who is certified and assigned by the NCVA office. All NCVA assigned clinicians must attend a special clinician’s clinic to be able to conduct a rules clinic.
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