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The Northern California Volleyball Association reserves the right to make changes at any time to the High Performance Program, its operation, and/or this Handbook for the betterment of the membership participation.


High Performance Vision & Mission Statements


Vision Statement

The “Vision” is to promote participation in a quality program that provides a positive and safe athletic environment through a variety of developmental and competitive opportunities for junior players of all ages, skill levels, and diverse groups.

Mission Statement

The High Performance Division will create a diverse and varied system of competition. It will develop education and training programs for all players and participants. The Division will create non-discriminatory entry-level playing opportunities. It will create reciprocal relationships for inter-regional, national, intra- regional, and international competition. The Division will establish partnerships with related groups to promote junior volleyball.



NO DINX/NCVA High Performance — Indoor

In conjunction with USA Volleyball, the NCVA will continue our Region High Performance program. Participating athletes will represent our region in an inter-regional USA Volleyball High Performance Championship tournament in July. The goal of the High-Performance Program is to provide volleyball athletes with the best coaching and competition available in Northern California.

This is the 19th year for our High Performance Program.

Members of NCVA High Performance teams will have the opportunity to:

  • Compete with the best athletes in the country within their age groups both in the USA.
  • Play with some of the best athletes in Northern California.
  • Receive top quality coaching and instruction.
  • Learn USA Volleyball systems and techniques.
  • Increase individual visibility, particularly for those from club teams with low exposure.

Information for Players

The goal of the High Performance Program is to provide volleyball athletes with the best coaching and competition available in Northern California. Many athletes attend the National Tryout to compete with the best athletes in and around the Region. Attending a National Tryout can help to increase an athlete’s visibility, particularly if he/she plays for a team that does not get much exposure to collegiate recruiting.

In addition to outstanding coaching and competition, selected High Performance players will receive:

  • All participants receive a t-shirt at tryouts supplied by our sponsor No Dinx.
  • Team members will receive two (2) jerseys and one (1) pair of shorts. Your tryout t-shirt will become your practice shirt.
  • Your name on the NCVA website as a player on the NCVA High Performance Team.

Team Selection and Practices

Our goal is to select all of the High Performance Teams early, so the NCVA can work with each team on fundraising to pay for the trip.

Team selection will begin on TBD and end on or before TBD. Players will be notified via email of selection. Once confirmed, rosters are posted online. Teams will be finalized by TBD.

A tentative practice schedule can be found online. Teams usually practice two (2) days in June and three (3) days in July. Practice schedule and site assignments are not finalized until the team has been selected. This way we can choose the best site to better accommodate the players.

USA Volleyball National High Performance Programs

The NCVA High Performance Program is run in tandem with the USAV National High Performance Program. For information on the Indoor High Performance program, please visit

Age Definitions

The following age definitions will be used for the 2021 and 2022 USAV High Performance Championships.


USAV Age Group Born on or After
Junior TBD
Youth TBD
Select TBD
Future Select TBD


USAV Age Group Born on or After
International (Youth) TBD
National (Youth) TBD
Regional (Select) TBD

USA Volleyball High Performance Championships

The USAV HP Championships offers the following divisions:

  • Mens’ International Junior
  • Womens’ International Junior
  • Girls’ International Youth
  • Boys’ National Youth
  • Girls’ National Youth
  • Girls’ National Select
  • Boys’ Regional
  • Girls’ Future Select.

The NCVA would like to field one (1) team in each division.

Tournament Dates TBD
Travel Days TBD
Tournament Location TBD


We make every attempt to minimize player costs, which are currently anticipated to be $1600.00 per player plus airfare and meals, hotels are included. Parents are invited to attend this event.

Questions? Please contact [email protected]

Team Tryouts

All registration for tryouts is completed online.

Girls’ Teams

There will be two tryouts for Girls.

Boys’ Teams

There will be three tryouts for Boys

All updated dates and information can be found at


To tyout for USAV Only see:

Pre-Registered $85.00
Late Registration $110.00
On-site $110.00
Pre-Registered $110.00
Late Registration $135.00
On-site Registration $160.00

*This tryout is a joint tryout between NCVA and USAV. If you are interested in tryouts for both programs, players will need to register on

Note: While it is recommended that you attend all tryout dates, it is not mandatory to do so.



Invitation to All Coaches

This is the 19th year for our Girl’s High Performance Program.

Team Coaches

Our plan is to field one (1) team to attend the USA Indoor High Performance Championship in the following age groups divisions:

  • Mens’ International Junior
  • Womens’ International Junior
  • Girls’ International Youth
  • Boys’ National Youth
  • Girls’ National Youth
  • Girls’ National Select
  • Boys’ Regional
  • Girls’ Future Select

We plan to have two (2) coaches for each team—one (1) head coach and one (1) assistant. All expenses and a stipend will be paid to head and assistant coaches.

If you are interested in becoming part of the High Performance program, these are the recommended requirements for head or assistant coaches:

  • Good organizational skills.
  • Willingness to adapt skill-training philosophy to coincide with that used by USA Volleyball National Teams and the USA High Performance Program.
  • Willingness and ability to evaluate talent without bias to an athlete’s previous experience or organizational affiliation.
  • At least three (3) years of experience as head coach of a high level high school, club, or college program.
  • At minimum, be IMPACT-SAFESPORT certified (assistant coach) with a Cap I or Cap II Level preferred (head coach).

Once involved in the program, coach’s requirements are as follows:

  • Agreement to submit to a background check.
  • Must be available for all scheduled events (see list of events) including all tryout dates, practices as scheduled and the dates of the tournament.
  • Agreement to coach a team.
  • Agreement to follow all NCVA procedures and policies.
  • Willingness to set aside other affiliations in order to provid unbiased coaching experience.
  • Act as a representative of the NCVA and all Northern California Volleyball Clubs, Coaches and Players.

If this interests you, please send your resume by mail, fax, or email to the NCVA office. If selected, you will be notified promptly to set up an interview. Coaches will be selected on the basis of how well they will represent the NCVA, what attributes/qualities they have to give to the program and how well they will work with the players. Coaches of the High Performance program are to act professional at all times and represent the NCVA in the best manner possible.

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