Team Seeding Information

We have compiled all the information regarding seeding for the California Kickoff below. We hope that this information will assist teams in preparing for the season and understanding the seeding process for the NCVA Power League.

What is Seeding? The order in which teams are ranked – to begin a tournament.


Teams that believe that they are significantly mis-seeded must submit a written appeal to the NCVA Office by Date : TBA
PLQ Seeding Appeal Form

All teams can appeal their seeding for the Power League Qualifier

Examples of teams that have appropriate reasons to appeal:

An 18s team that had many High School Juniors in 2018 and is thus better represented by their finish in the 18s division.
A team that is comprised of many players who played with a different club in 2018.

Appeal Guidelines

Once the seeding is released for appeals, the ceiling/cap will be removed from the seeded and unseeded teams. Based on the appeal, team(s) may be moved accordingly. Appeals should only be submitted when a team’s seeding may be incorrect by at least 35% of the divisions seeding.

This percentage translates to these approximations:

Age Division – Approximate Number of Seeds Represented by 35%

12 – 8
13 – 19
14 – 31
15 – 30
16 – 41
17 – 19
18 – 23
A written appeal must include specific documentation, including names of players.
Any attempt to criticize another team or suggest that a seed is too high based on opinion only will result in the appeal being disregarded. However, if you have significant documentation and facts, you can use them in your appeal.
Appeal forms will only be reviewed if received by the deadline.
All appeals will be considered if they meet the guidelines
In order to preserve the integrity of the seeding process, NCVA may, at its sole discretion, re-seed teams that did not submit appeals.

Unseeded teams

For the 2019 season these teams will be seeded from the same age group from last season. Example: If your club has a 16-1 team playing in the 2018 season but did not have a 15-1 team, this 16-1 team would be considered “unseeded” team. For the 2018 season this “un-seeded” team will be seeded within in the “unseeded” teams based on the club’s 16-1 finish.

For the 2019 season, the California Kickoff Tournament will be seeded based on the above information. All unseeded teams will be re-seeded, following California Kickoff based on the criteria below, by the NCVA for a final seeding of the Power League Qualifier for 2019.

Teams wishing to use their California Kickoff Results for seeding into the seeded teams for the Power League must participate in the Open Division. California Kickoff Head-to-Head Results for teams participating in the Club Division will only move their team within the unseeded teams.

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