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The NCVA promotes participation in a quality program that provides a positive and safe athletic environment through a variety of developmental and competitive opportunities for all ages, skills levels, and diverse groups.  It is important to us to maintain our professional demeanor and serve our customers with the highest level of service.

We offer numerous clinics and camps for coaches and referees to experience and learn all sorts of new volleyball training.  The NCVA requires background screenings for all NCVA member adult affiliates with our Junior Teams, Referees and Tournament Staff. These backgrounds are very strict to ensure that everyone is around safe and upstanding role models. The NCVA also provides each team with the opportunity to play in the highest level tournaments (USA Adult Opens) and a variety of league tournaments for all teams no matter how diverse in age, or skill level.  We have staff that is in the office from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday to help you with all your questions and needs.  We also have on-call staff members on the weekends to help any tournament director with their questions.  These are the items that will keep the quality of your playing experience at the highest possible level.

Please remember that NO ALCOHOL is permitted at any NCVA facility at any time. Teams that are caught with alcohol on the premises will be removed from the event immediately, sanctioned and removed from the next league event.

Deadline for Paperwork

Teams playing in the Men’s or Women’s Qualifier, all forms must be received by the NCVA Office with payment by the deadline.

To register a team, please submit the following forms:
    1. Team Roster
    2. Team Contact Form
    3. Team Registration Form

First Serve for all Tournaments – 8:00 AM

Please have a Coach or Team Rep. present at the Coaches meeting at 7:30 AM.

Learn how to start your own adult team.

2021 USAV Open Volleyball Championships: May 28 – June 2, 2021 – Louisville, Kentucky

Teams!  Please do not forget to register on the AES system with USA Volleyball to enter the Open National Championship tournament.   It is always recommended that you submit your entry form and payment as early as you can.  Thank you!

Open National Championship Entries: All entries must be submitted directly to USA Volleyball.

For more information about the Adult Open Championships, please refer to the USA Volleyball website: Adult Open National Championships

2020 USAV Open Volleyball Championships: May 22-27, 2020 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

2019 USAV Open Volleyball Championships: May 24-29, 2019 – Columbus, Ohi

More Information on adult events coming soon!


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