AVCA College Prep Combine – San Jose, CA

WHAT: The AVCA/NCSA College Prep Combine is a 90 minute low-impact data-gathering session that assesses a player’s physical potential, behavioral temperament and current skill level at her preferred position. The results are compiled in a searchable database. Individual results are made available to participants, their parents and, with their permission, to AVCA college coaches. See http://avcavpi.com for more details on the testing and database.

WHO: Any female volleyball player graduating from high school in the classes of 2014 – 2017 who wants to be evaluated using standardized, unbiased, scientific metrics.

WHEN & WHERE: For more information on registration contact [email protected]
Friday, Feb. 14, 2014 @ NCVA / No Dinx President’s Day Tournament, San Jose, CA

COST: $99 per participant for early registration; $129 for late registration. Limit: 300 per combine

WHY: 1. Assess where you stand compared to others your age and position;
2. Identify where you need to improve;
3. Start to process where you should look for collegiate opportunities.

More Information on the ACVA College Prep Combine

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