Player Eligibility & Age Definition

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What division would my son or daughter play? This is one of the most common questions that we hear. To help answer this, we have developed this page solely for the USA Volleyball Age Definition requirements.

Below you will find the age definition provided by USA Volleyball. You will also find a chart to help figure out which division is right for your player.


For use during the 2016-2017 season

Age Definition as provided by USA Volleyball

In order to simplify the age definition information, the chart below has been provided. To use this chart, find the column for the month that the player was born and follow it down to the year that the player was born. This will tell you which division the player is eligible for.

Age Definition Chart

Explanation of Age Definition requirements as provided by USA Volleyball

Demographic Research as provided by USA Volleyball. This information should help explain why the cutoff/start dates are what they are.



More Information:

For more information about player eligibility and the USA Volleyball Junior National Age Definition, please refer to the Junior Boys or Junior Girls Handbooks.

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