Rules Clinics & Rules Changes

Rules Clinics & Rules Changes

NCVA offers the following clinic options.

  • Free Online Clinic
  • Private Rules Clinic, arranged by Club Director

** We encourage everyone to take the clinic online.

All coaches are responsible for knowing and understanding the current rules. Each coach is also responsible for being able to officiate competently and keep score during a match. If a tournament director observes at a League Tournament and notifies the NCVA office that a team needs to attend a rules clinic, that team will be required to schedule a private rules clinic.

For your reference, we have provided a link to the Significant Rules Changes.

Online Clinic

Players and Coaches may take the online clinic as a group (the entire club attends one session) or as an individual (each member completes the clinic online in their own).

To register:

  • Login to your membership account
  • Click on Region Clinics
  • Select Register Now next to the clinic you need (either players or coaches)
  • Enter all required fields
  • Select Submit at the bottom of the page
  • Click on the USAV Academy button (bottom of page) to access the clinic
  • Follow the instructions until you have received confirmation that you have completed the clinic and required test.

Private Clinic

Any team or group of teams may also request a private rules clinic for a fee of $400. All rules clinics are conducted by a clinician who is certified and assigned by the NCVA office. All NCVA assigned clinicians must attend a special clinician’s clinic to be able to conduct a rules clinic.
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