2017 Teams

Players are listed below once they accept a position on the team. Teams are not full until 9 players are listed below.

USA Volleyball High Performance Championships

Girl's Youth Red

Head Coach: Sean Stratton
Assistant Coach: Lou Panzella

Jenna Campbell
Lauren Coe
Maddy Klessel
Maliah Marshall
Julia Norville
Cielysse Robinson
Siosiana Taumoepeau
Miah Williamson

Girl's Select Red

Head Coach: Paris Kidd
Assistant Coach: Zachary Zuniga

Bella Blue
Rein Bocage
Natalie Brouhard
Cassidy Horn
Kaylee Patterson
Phoebe Poole
Sarina Randhawa
Lauren Toon
Emilia Withrow

Girl's Future Select Red

Head Coach: Christine Toon
Assistant Coach: Oliver Dofiles

Briana Birk
Camille Dofiles
Anaabella Howerton
Hannah McLauchlin
Emma Nelson
Tehani Ulufata
Dana Valdez
Shyanne Woodruff
Navaeh Woods

Boy's Junior Red

Head Coach: Prima Elam
Assistant Coach: Ryan Zimmerman

Randy Deweese
Ryan Deweese
Addie Enriquez
Avery Enriquez
Brian Garcia
Lucas Kerley
Bailey Mundy
Zevan Williams
Daniel Wong

Boy's Youth Red

Head Coach: Aquiles Montoya
Assistant Coach: Mason Humes

Brett Allen
Joseph Bergles
Ben Brigham
Austin Buchanan
Brigg Busenhart
Kristjan Cortez
Aaron Francis
Timothy McSheery
Cameron Williams
Max Watson

Boy's Select Red

Head Coach: Roger Hauk
Assistant Coach: Peter Crowley

Colton Brooks
Carson Clark
Phu-Quy Ho
Grant Holland
Ethan Makishima
Logan Miller
Daniel Qian
Ryan Sun
Riland Wagner

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