Incident Review

Filing Complaints

The NCVA is willing to investigate complaints that are lodged against various personnel such as club directors, coaches, officials, tournament directors, NCVA staff, or parents, but only if a complaint falls under the jurisdiction of the NCVA. If a complaint does not fall under the NCVA’s jurisdiction, the region cannot act against the person because the NCVA does not have the authority to govern the acts that brought on the complaint. To file a complaint, please view the information below.

Examples of Jurisdiction

SituationWho has Jurisdiction
Player not receiving enough playing time.Coach or Club Director
Parents charged too much money by the club.Club Director
The team enters tournaments requiring travel.Coach or Club Director
Poor officiating or incompetent tournament director.
(Must be reported by Club Director)
NCVA – Use the links provided.
Falsifying age identification.NCVA
Violation of NCVA policies.NCVA
Inappropriate behavior toward a minor.NCVA and Club Director
Illegal rosters.NCVA and Club Director
A coach who is found cheating.NCVA and Club Director
Abusive coaching / SafeSport violationsNCVA and The Center for SafeSport

Evaluate an Official

Evaluate A Tournament Director

To report an incident, please complete all fields listed below. Please note that this form must be completed by someone with firsthand knowledge of the incident.

  • Please include Facility/Site Name & City/State.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
    Give approximate time if exact time is unknown.
  • If name is unknown, please list any and all affiliation information such as player name, club or team name, etc.
  • i.e. parent of player, coach, club director, etc.

  • Attach supporting information such as emails, text messages, video, etc in the field below.

  • Drop files here or
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