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January 15, 2022

San Mateo Event Center

Registration Deadline: December 6, 2021
Team Entry: $300

Divisions (Girls)

11/12 • 13/14


Team Registration

Schedule & Results

Guest Registration

NCVA Code of Conduct

All attendees are required to abide by the following codes of conduct and behavior. Violations of these codes may include removal from the event in addition to potential penalties against the team you are affiliated with including, but not limited to removing the team from the event and awarding last place points.


January 15, 2022
Division Wave Format Seeding
11/12 AM .PDF .PDF
13/14 AM .PDF .PDF
15/16 AM .PDF .PDF

Top Finishes

Team Place
MVVC 12 White 1
MVVC 12 Pink 2
Empire Black 12-1 3
Team Place
MVVC 14 White 1
Roseville 14-1 2
Diablo 13-1 Black 3
Dynamix 13 Black 3
Team Place
MVVC 15 White 1
MVVC 15 Pink 2
MVVC 16 Pink 3


This year the NCVA Kickstart will be held in the San Mateo Event Center. Please observe the following requirements while attending the Kickstart tournment:

  • All attendees must be on an Official Team Roster or be registered through our Guest Registration system.
  • Team “tailgating” in and around the convention center is to be determined due to potential local COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Chairs are provided around the courts for attendees.
  • NO outside food is allowed in the convention center.

San Mateo Event Center
1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403

COVID Protocols

  • State of California Mega-Guidlines will be in place. All attendees over the age of 2 years must provide one of the following:

    • Proof of full vaccination or proof of negative COVID test result.
      • A digital or physical copy of the vaccination card is accepted. 
      • If unvaccinated, your Covid test must be administered as follows:
        • Antigen (rapid) test must be taken on Friday, January 14, 2022.
        • PCR test must be taken no earlier than Wednesday, January 12, 2022.
      • Home tests are accepted with the following requirements:
        • Please take a photo with your phone, that shows the time and date of the photo,
        • Your name must be written on the home test along with the time and date the test was taken to match the photo. 
    • All attendees 18 years of age and older must provide a valid ID along with one of the above to enter the building. 

    The following protocols are to be observed during the event:

    • Masks are required to be worn properly at all times while indoors. That includes players on the court. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from the event without the option to return.
    • Masks may only be removed when eating or drinking.
    • No handshakes between teams before or after the match.
    • No switching sides between sets.
    • Hand sanitizer will be at each score table for anyone to use at any time.
    • Please remember to social distance when possible and wash your hands frequently.

    COVID related questions may be emailed to [email protected] 

Team Check In

Check-in at the Tournament Desk.

Friday, January 14, 2022 – 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Team Check-In:

  • Please check in online in TM2Sign.
  • One person per team is allowed to approach the Tournament Desk to pick up the team bag during the hours above.

Guest Registration:

Pick up your wristbands early by stopping during the hours above to avoid any delays getting in on the first day of the tournament!

Team Rosters

Rosters are open for editing until 9:00 PM, Saturday, January 1, 2022.

Building your rosters requires use of both SportsEngine and TM2

Step 1: SportsEngine

Confirm that all your players/coaches on your roster are assigned to your club.

  • In your “Directory” search for each Player and Coach.
  • Click on their name, then click “Memberships”
  • You should see your Club Name in their Memberships. If you do not see your club name, you will need to send them a club assignment request. You cannot build your roster in TM2 until all players and coaches are members of your club in SportsEngine.

Step 2: TM2

Once all of your players and coaches are members of your Club in SportsEngine, you can build your rosters in TM2.

  • Click your “Members” tab.
    • Click “Import member”.
    • Click the big green button.
  • Once the members are imported, start building your roster by searching  the names of your players and coaches.
    • Please note, if you have previously built your roster, you need to delete it and start fresh.
    • There may be multiple accounts for each person that will populate; be sure to choose the account that says “Has USAV Membership” in green.
  • Once you have your rosters built, click on “Validate”, and the system should validate your roster.
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