Sanctioned vs. Non-Sanctioned Events

What Is A Sanctioned Event?

Sanctioned events are tryouts, clinics, open gyms, and other club affiliated events that have been approved by NCVA/USAV. These events are governed by the policies set by NCVA/USAV and are covered by the USA Volleyball insurance policy.

Sanctioned events are required to submit a list of all adults attending each event. These adults are mandated to meet the minimum coaching requirements which include:

  • IMPACT Certification
  • SafeSport Certification
  • Background Screening

Adults failing to meet these requirements are not approved to be present as a participant at the sanctioned event.

Sanctioned events must also confirm that all participants attending, both adult and junior levels, have a valid membership for the duration of the event. If the event falls over multiple days/weekends, the membership must be valid for the entire duration of the event.

All events listed as part of the NCVA league and/or special event schedule are sanctioned by NCVA/USAV.

What Is A Non-Sanctioned Event?

Many clubs/teams receive invitations to events hosted by other clubs/teams that are not sanctioned by NCVA and/or USA Volleyball. This indicates they have not requested/been approved for sanctioning and are not covered by USAV policies and insurance. Teams that participate in non-NCVA sanctioned events are playing without USA Volleyball insurance coverage.

Any complaints/claims that would arise, including but not limited to code of conduct violations, code of ethics violations, sexual misconduct, and injury, would fall on the event organizers and/or participants of the event.

Sanctioned competition protects a player’s eligibility for participation in regional, zonal, national, and international competition. For anyone participating, please be diligent in reviewing insurance, waivers and release of liability guidelines beforehand.

NCVA Sanctioned Events

Any tournament, league, tryout, or clinic that is posted on our website is a USAV/NCVA Sanctioned Event. 
Check out our Events Page HERE.

Non-Sanctioned Events

Tournaments and Leagues hosted by AAU, JVA, and/or any other organization.

Is My Event Sanctioned?

Anyone wishing to clarify if an event is sanctioned is encouraged to email [email protected]

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