Frequently Asked Questions (Officiating)

Following are frequently asked officiating questions. If you feel that there is a question that should be included in this list, please contact us and make the suggestion.

When is it appropriate to issue a yellow card? Warnings and Cards (including Yellow Cards) are used to prevent losing control of a match.
Must I give a verbal warning first on unsportsmanlike conduct to a player? to a coach? The short answer is no (particularly if a Card is warranted). But it is a good idea (if possible) to give warning first.
If the line judges are not sure about the call and neither the R2 and I have a good look at it, is it okay to call a replay? If R1 clearly sees the call, he/she should make that call. There should not be a replay. However, if nobody got a good look at it, a re-play is warranted.
What if replays are called often? This is an indication of an inexperienced referee. A replay should be called if R1 cannot determine what happened and/or, based on R1/s judgment, there was interference by outside person/object such as
During a 2 or 3 day tournament, a team captain or coach asks if they can have a few extra minutes to warm-up prior to the timed warm-up because they have been off for a match, do we allow it at our own discretion? The short answer is no. We need to adhere to the tournament's rules to be fair to all.
What is the warm-up protocol? For the NCVA Region, initially, when at least one team has not played, then it's 10 minutes (5 minutes for each team). Once both teams have played, then it is 5 minutes shared with no serving. USAV National tournaments have different protocols.
If a penalty (yellow card) is issued to a coach due to rude conduct, is a point awarded to the opponent? Yes, a point and service to the opponent (pg. 62; USAV 21.3)
During a ball out of play, are coaches allowed to speak to the referee? When the ball is out of play, only the game captain is authorized to speak to the referees (USAV pg. 20; 5.1.2). In 14 and under competition, the coach may act instead of the game captain to perform the functions stated in USAV and (pg. 21)
Player #9 enters the substitution zone and the second referee whistles to acknowledge the substitution request. The coach immediately says that no substitution is wanted at this time. Should the second referee indicate an improper request and have the scorer record it on the score sheet? False. Since it was whistled, a delay sanction should be issued. (USAV 16.1).
Team R's captain approaches the first referee at the end of a rally and states that he wants to protest the first referee's 4-hits call. He states that his team can indeed contact the ball four times. Should the first referee deny the protest and continue the match? False. Protest is allowed because of rule interpretation. (USAV
In 14 and under competition, is the server only allowed one re-serve for each term of service? False. (USAV 12.4.4)
After the first referee authorizes the serve but before the server contacts the ball, a ball rolls onto the court. The first referee whistles to prevent the serve. Before the serve is re‐authorized, Team R’s captain requests a line‐up check. Should the second referee conduct a line‐up check? False. (USAV 12.4.5)
A team requests a third time-out, but the second referee denies the request without blowing a whistle to acknowledge it. Should an improper request be recorded on the score sheet at the end of the rally? True. (USAV 16.1)
What are the warm up times for an NCVA event? (Ditto #6?) When at least one team has not played, then it's 10 minutes (5 minutes for each team). Once both teams have played, then it is 5 minutes shared with no serving.
Do teams go to the end lines after each set before changing sides? No
What is the first question you should ask when approached by the team captain requesting to protest? What are you protesting?
When asked a question by a coach that you are not certain of the answer, what should you do? First, refer to your DCR. Second, find your mentor or Head Referee. Do not guess at the answer.
What should you do if you notice a potential illegal uniform? If this is for the Libero, first ask the coach if the Libero has a more contrasting shirt to wear. If not, then notify your Head Referee and/or Tournament Director to get a ruling. If the team uniform has an issue, contact the Head Referee and/or Tournament Director to get a ruling.
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