Required and Recommended Materials and Attire

Required Officiating Materials

  1. Whistle – Fox 40 or similar on a lanyard.
  2. Cards – Yellow and Red
  3. Coin for flipping.
  4. Timing Device – watch, etc. – must have a second hand.
  5. Current rule book.
  6. Ball pump and pressure gauge.
  7. Chain to measure net height.
  1. Set of flags for lines usage.
  2. Half Dozen 3×5 cards for notes.
  3. A small carrying bag for the above listed equipment.

Required Officiating Attire

  1. Shirt: all white polo style shirt with “Volleyball Certified Official” logo on the left sleeve. The uniform shirt should be clean and wrinkle free.
  2. Slacks: Pressed or ironed navy-blue slacks.
  3. Shoes: all white leather. Shoes should be clean and/or polished.
  4. Belt: black or dark navy-blue leather belt.
  5. Socks: white crew
  1. Vest: white, sleeveless sweater vest worn over a uniform shirt (may also be worn during the match).
  2. Sweater: white V-Neck pullover with embroidered designation on the left check. (may also be worn during the match)
  3. Jacket: white windbreak type of jacket (should not be worn during the match).
  4. Other: phone and other electronic devices should not be worn on the stand.
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