Application to Change Clubs

During the sanctioned season, a player is to remain a registered member of that specific club throughout the season. However, during the sanctioned season, a player or parent may request a transfer in club affiliation. The player or parent must submit this form to the NCVA Office after its completion by the player/parent, current Club Director, and new Club Director. The form will be reviewed by the NCVA League Coordinator or Commissioner who must ultimately approve the transfer. (Please allow 7-10 business days for the transfer to be reviewed.) 

The current club is under no obligation to release the player. If the club will not grant a release, the player or parent may appeal to the NCVA. For complete information on transfers, the guidelines can be found in the Handbook for your Division (Boys’, Girls’).  Should additional information be needed for the transfer, all parties must submit the additional information within 48 hours of request OR NCVA will make the decision based on the information received.

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